Recommended Supplements by Symptom

With links to affiliated supplement companies that Whole Body Healing has vetted for quality, effectiveness, and minimmal fillers/added ingredients.

Note that these are general recommendations, they are not medical advice. Always check with your document for specific contra indications and medication interactions.

Insomnia Stack

Designed for people with stubborn symptoms of insomnia and a disrupted circadian rhythm. This can be either difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep. Note that this protocol MUST be paired with our Sleep Support Protocol (found in Jen's book), which rebuilds your relationship to light and activity, timing for full effect.

Migraine Stack

Designed for people with chronic migraines, headaches, and vestibular issues.

Neuropathy and Nerve Pain Stack

Designed for people with stubborn symptoms of buzzing, tingling, electricity, numbness or pain sensations in the peripheral nerves. It is recommended that this be paired with our Gut Rebuilding Diet, as 70% of the nervous tissue resides in the gut lining.

Trauma Recovery Stack

Designed for people with highly activated nervous systems who are easily triggered, may get flashbacks, with difficulty functioning due to constant fear, overwhelming emotions, and experience consistent preoccupation with negative past experiences. Trauma feels "stuck" in the nervous system.