Rebuild Yourself

Whole body practices to heal your brain and nervous system

This Step by Step Guide to Rebuilding Your Brain and Nervous System Includes:

  • Grounding and self soothing techniques to start retraining your nervous system for health
  • Techniques to release stuck energy and trauma
  • Journaling activities to support your process through your rebuilding journey
  • Eight guided meditations to help you rebuild your relationship to your nervous system
  • Four nutrition plans including food lists, recipe ideas, and sample meal plans:
  • The Basic Diet for Rebuilding the Brain and Nervous System (high and low energy options)
  • The Ketogenic Nervous System Rebuilding Diet for Lowering Inflammation (high and low energy options)
  • The Nervous System Rebuilding Diet for Resetting the Gut Brain Axis
  • The Low Histamine Gut Rebuilding Diet
  • An eight step protocol to rebuild your sleep-wake cycle
  • A ten step protocol for living a nontoxic lifestyle, including DIY recipes
  • A ten step protocol to support your detox pathways naturally
  • Three movement programs designed to support different levels of physical ability
  • A four step protocol for rebuilding your mindset to promote healing

Jen Donovan completely rebuilt her life and career as a result of her experience with severe chronic illness. After finding no answers from conventional medical approaches, she took matters into her own hands and with the help of key mentors, found a path to healing. With her diverse training in mental health, systems theory, polyvagal theory, nervous system regulation, ancestral nutrition, and the gut microbiome, Jen has developed Six Support Protocols to provide a clear, structured, evidence based, and ALL ENCOMPASSING approach to finding a thriving life again. The truth is, it is NOT normal to be struggling with anxiety, depression, mood swings, immune system issues, pain, fatigue, brain fog, neurological symptoms, digestive distress, and a host of other problems that many people today take for granted.

Walking this path on your own can be daunting. People get lost and overwhelmed seeing specialist after specialist, chasing after symptoms. This book takes a systems based, foundational approach to help you rebuild from the root up. The Six Support Protocols give clear, detailed action steps to rebuild your brain and nervous system through Befriending, Nutrition, Sleep, Detoxification, Movement, and Mindset. It is time to let go of your old patterns that are no longer working, and embrace a new path. You can rebuild yourself.



Here is what people have to say about “Rebuild Yourself”:

“This book is amazing!!! It’s the most comprehensive and in depth book on holistic healing, for the whole body, no matter the condition. It’s about as big as a binder, and roughly 500 pages of pure gold!! It has tons of healing recipes, beautiful formatting and sketches, journaling pages, grounding techniques and even some exercises. Rebuild Yourself is an encyclopedia of knowledge on how to heal the ENTIRE body and discusses EVERY topic you could think of. As someone who has been debilitatingly Sick, and bed-bound for over 2 years, I am walking proof that this protocol works. I’m 6 months into working the steps and am back to work, driving, spending time doing what I enjoy. It’s truly empowering to heal yourself from so many chronic illness after being told to accept that you’ll forever be miserable. (Especially if you’re someone with mcas or autoimmune this is the best thing you can invest in).
I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’ve got my life back and couldn’t recommend this enough. I think a lot of people don’t want to be told that it really does take transformation, and daily work for a long time. There is no magic pill or surgery that will fix your chronic condition, you have to put in the work and be disciplined. For those that want to truly be well again this is what you need to do it! There’s a few things that I especially love and want to highlight about it. Firstly, Is that the author has personally been through, and fully recovered from several serious chronic illnesses herself. Secondly, she really offers a different perspective from conventional medicine thinking. Instead of chasing symptoms and trying medicate/supplement, rebuild yourself actually walks you through how to heal the root cause and the whole body. That’s not to say that supplements are bad, they can be very necessary, but also expensive. And that leads me to thirdly, this is a very cost effective and affordable way to heal. I’ve wasted thousands on naturopaths, specialist and doctors that couldn’t help me at all. This has saved me so much money and given me my life back. Lastly, I wanted to mention how amazing it is that the author really talks a lot about healing trauma and mental health as you heal physically. This is something that’s always treated as a separate issue in modern medicine, but really the mind and body are not separate and they must be healed as one. Jen’s background as a counselor really shows, as she gives practices, meditations and perspectives that teach you compassion and love for yourself. I’m so inspired by Jen and her work. I hope anyone who needs this finds it.”
-Ruby, Amazon review

“Read the last page first! Seriously. It sets up Jen’s wise and loving philosophy and approach, and invites you in to a partnership with your body and with her deep and personal knowledge. With that foundation, you can explore the book and focus on the pieces that speak to you, and treat it like a refeence book, or read it cover-to-cover to immerse yourself in the mix of science, personal stories, recommendations, recipes and journal prompts plus the gorgeous illustrations. I know I’ll be going back to it again and again.
This book is a gold mine of information and insight about every aspect of healing, and delves deeply into the WHY of illness and disease, and the HOW of healing.
From neuroscience to nutrition to movement and meditation, and so much more, this book is literally packed to the edges with a holistic plan to rebuild a healthier and more vibrant body and brain.
And it works! Following this protocol with Jen’s guidance, I have experienced firsthand the healing and improvements that can happen with commitment and consistency.
I’m so grateful that Jen made this book available for all.”
-Anonymous reviewer, Amazon
“This book is a wellspring of knowledge and wisdom, the story of a courageous healing journey interwoven with a thorough guide to upgrading lifestyle through various protocols that can be tailored to the needs of the individual. I’ve had the joy of working directly with the author at a critical stage on my healing journey and her work seriously changed my life. This book is my new reference guide when I stumble off track or need reminders of what works best for my nervous system. The book includes great recipes, clear instructions for cooking and other lifestyle changes, journaling pages for personal notes, clear references to other excellent works in the same field, and more. Jen Donovan does everything in her life with extreme excellence and care. I’m so grateful for her journey and everything she produces. 10/10 would recommend to everyone I know and love (and in fact, I do! It’s helping several of them now!).”
-Anonymous reviewer, Amazon

“I feel like I will continue to reference this book for a lifetime and I also appreciate that. Its not a one time read. Its a life changing guide book to get you from the worst part of your health journey back to one of health n harmony step by step. If your not ready to put in the effort this book may not be for you yet but I would still get it and keep on that shelf for the day you are ready. All the 5 star reviews said what I would just didn’t want to repeat.”
-RRK, Amazon review