Release of Liability

Release of Liability

At Whole Body Healing Eugene, LLC, I provide a variety of lifestyle and nutritional therapy practices.

These may include recommendations for dietary changes, supplements, and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). While most people find they benefit from nutritional therapy and TRE, some people find that their symptoms increase or remain the same, and I cannot guarantee any particular outcome from my services.

While still considered experimental, nutritional therapy, use of supplements, and TRE are being used worldwide. There are theories as to how they work, why they work, and why they sometimes don’t work, however, there is no guarantee as to their efficacy.

No individual teaching or practicing TRE or other nutritional and lifestyle practices knows with certainty in advance if they or someone else will find this technique useful. To date, TRE along with other nutritional and lifestyle practices have yielded varying results for individuals with different psychological and physical conditions. They are not meant to replace appropriate traditional medical or mental health counseling.

TRE is a self help tool for mitigating the impact of stress in your body and your life. However, teaching TRE requires training and accreditation. Please do not teach TRE to others unless you have gone through the process to become a certified TRE Provider.

Please read and sign the following statement:

If I use these techniques on myself, I agree to take full responsibility for my own well being. By learning TRE and other nutritional and lifestyle practices, I, the undersigned, am releasing my right to hold Whole Body Healing Eugene, LLC, Jennifer Donovan, David Berceli, TRE For All and TRE, LLC from complete legal, financial and medical liability that may be incurred.

I accept full responsibility for any side effects or changes in my life as a result of performing these exercises and changes I make to my lifestyle. I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in these exercises and lifestyle changes on my own volition.

I am aware that by practicing these exercises and lifestyle changes, I assume and accept the risk of any adverse outcome that might result from using this technique. I recognize that Whole Body Healing Eugene, LLC, Jennifer Donovan, David Berceli, TRE For All and TRE, LLC do not recommend that I stop using any prescribed medicine or other mental counseling that I may be using without consulting an appropriate healthcare professional.

I will not hold Whole Body Healing Eugene LLC, Jennifer Donovan, TRE. For All and TRE, LLC liable for any damage to my emotional or physical health or any other personal complications arising in any way whatsoever from using these practices. I am aware that Whole Body Healing, Jennifer Donovan, TRE. For All and TRE, LLC are not providing medical advice.