In Person Retreats

Embodied Nervous System intensives to propel you to the next level of release and regulation

You have a birth right to happiness, fulfillment, and resilience- both mental and physical.

If you are struggling with your mental or neurological health, know that nothing is "wrong" with you- your body is telling you that it is over stressed, and needs your support!

Our retreat offerings come from Soothe Wellness and our proprietary Embodied Nervous System Reset experiences. Combining the best from mind-body wellness with our professional experiences in the fields of nervous system health, meditation, mental health and physiology, we can bring a next level integrative health experience to people who feel like they are out of options. Our methodology takes a thoughtfully integrated approach using tools from neuromeditation, polyvagal theory, and other nervous system regulating practices.

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Trauma Release
Vagus Nerve Toning
Parts Work & Inner Child Healing
Archetypal and Spiritual Guidance