How Do I Get Started?

Whole Body Healing has something for everyone.

Check out the chart below to decide on your next step. Please note that these do not have to be done in any particular order, but reflect different levels of support in our services.

Free services include ebooks (found on the home page) blog and youtube (linked in the menu). Our pre recorded courses include our foundational meal plans and are a low cost option ($17 each!). Below are listed our primary coaching services, and booking links can be found in the menu above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we work with "X" diagnosis?

We don't "treat" conditions and we don't "diagnose" because we don't bill insurance or prescribe medications. Doctors need to diagnose as a tool to get paid by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Because we use a root cause approach, addressing your entire system as a whole, we don't focus on diagnoses. We assess your symptoms and address those as signals of deeper imbalances in the body. Our protocols work due the holistic nature of the approach, regardless of your official diagnoses.

Do you do testing? How do I know what my root cause is?

We do have the ability to order functional testing, but 90% of the time find this totally unnecessary and a waste of money. People with complex chronic illness generally have a combination of gut dysbiosis, high toxicity, and chronic nervous system dysregulation. Our program addresses all of these factors simultaneously.

What makes you different? I've already "tried everything"

While most programs focus on symptom management through aggressive cleanses and anti microbials, we get to the true foundations of health by helping you rebuild your Gut Brain Axis comprehensively. Most programs do not address your daily nutrition, routines and other practices in as detailed and nuanced a way that we do. Our goal is to release obstacles that block your body from doing what should come naturally: spontaneously healing, detoxing, and regenerating. Our interview playlist on youtube contains a small fraction of testimonials from our many clients that have found health only when they simplified things and went back to the roots as we teach.

What if I have X food allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, or can't handle supplements?

We specialize in working with highly sensitive individuals who need a gentle approach in rebuilding the foundations of their diet and lifestyle. We often work with very complex cases and can help individualize your protocol as necessary. Our only exception is that we cannot work with people who are vegan by choice and unwilling to introduce animal foods into their diet.