Mini Courses

Our pre recorded starter guides help you start your healing journey right away with access to our nutritional and supplementation protocols (and more) for an affordable cost.

For histamines, mast cell, chronic allergies and intolerances:

Our signature low histamine gut rebuilding diet and reaction free meal time method, to get you started reversing chronic allergies and gut inflammation

For chronic anxiety, depression, mood instability and more:

Refeed the nutrients you need for mental THRIVING- geared for mental health symptoms resistant to traditional treatment

For chronic fatigue, dysautonomia, and neurological issues:

Chronic fatigue is simply an energy crisis on a cellular level. We can recharge your energy system!

For chronic pain in the muscles, joints or nerves

Chronic pain means chronic inflammation. This is a quick guide to lowering that inflammation through key nutrients and lifestyle practices

You can regain control of your child's health care!

Do you have a chronically ill child? We can help you advocate effectively for their needs at school and the doctor