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Note that these recommendations do not constitute medical advice, and you should check in with your doctor before trying any new supplements or practices.

Relax Far Infrared Saunas

I honestly take mine everywhere with me. I have never found such a powerful method to support my detox. Whether you are dealing with mold, heavy metal, or other toxicity from chronic infection, this is going to be an incredible intervention for your healing. I recommend 2 - 5x per week for optimal benefit.
Make sure you use the code WHOLEBODY for $100 off at check out.

Sensate Vagal Toning Devices

This WORKS. Allow this device with it's healing vibrations to rest against your breast plate. The frequencies it emits deep into your bones and fascia will get you into a POWERFULLY relaxed state quickly. I use mine nightly. Use code WHOLEBODYHEALING for 10% off

Moonbird Breathwork Support

This is an amazing device to help you learn a proper breathing pattern and technique without anxiety or stress. Many people with chronic illness are stuck in a state of chronic hyperventilation and need retrain their breathing pattern. Use code JENNIFERDONOVAN for a discount.

Infra Red Light from EMR-TEK

We lack enough exposure to infra red light in the modern world! These devices can help support our hormone and neurotransmitter production, mitochondrial function, tissue repair, and more. Use code JEN18313 for 10% off purchase.

Cold Plunge Tech from Polar Monkeys

Cold therapy is one of the most powerful interventions to lower neuroinflammation and essential provide a "force restart" to the nervous system and vagus nerve. This is my recommended brand to help dial in on the exact temperature you want for ideal results (hint: below 44F!)

BLISSY 100% Silk Products

Honestly, I'm never going back. Silk eye masks, pillow cases and more keep my hair sleek, my skin soft, and I've never gotten a better night's sleep. Healthy girls use 100% silk! Use discount code WHOLEBODY

Make Castor Oil Easy- Queen of Thrones

I know, castor oil packs can be messy. But Queen of Thrones products has changed the game on this. They even have thyroid packs! It's worth the investment- your body can feel so good with the regular use of castor oil packs for detox support! Use code WHOLEBODYHEALINGWITHJEN10 for your discount on check out.

Take Your Detox Game to the Next Level- PURE LIFE is the OG

Pure Life Coffee Enema Supplies are Gerson approved- and they are the OG for coffee enemas! Honestly, regular use of coffee enemas is a game changer- it has been for me, and it is for so many of my clients. Pure Life makes it easy with ready to go kits and instructional booklets.

Mouth Strips from SOMNIFIX

So many people with chronic illness are CHRONIC MOUTH BREATHERS- and these comfortable, easy to use mouth strips are an absolute game changer. You can use them during the day to help retrain your breathing patterns or at night to help improve your sleep. Use code WHOLEBODYHEALING10 for discount.

Structured Water- A Fascinating Take on Hydration

Your Analemma product creates a vortex that "structures" your water- this actually allows it to be more hydrating to your cells than "still" tap water. They have some fascinating science on their website- check it out!