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Juicing: Fad? Or Helpful?

Juicing! This is a popular fad that many people immediately think of when they hear terms like “cleansing” or “healing” or even “healthy”. Walk into

The Harms of Germophobia

Many of my clients have a big fear of food poisoning, especially as they start cooking and fermenting their own traditional foods. The three major

How to Deal with Triggers!

Always remember: social media is the highlight reel. It is not an accurate representation of all the true ups and downs in life. The truth

When We Have to Heal from Western Medicine

Chronic illness comes in two parts. First, recognizing the original roots of our illness in the dysfunction of Western diet, culture, and lifestyle. Second, recognize

Can You Heal on a Limited Budget?

How do you heal when on a limited budget? Many people think that you need disposable income to afford high end organic foods, expensive supplements,

Travel as Ceremony

Everything you do is sacred. Every experience can be a ceremony. My partner Mike and I just got back from an almost 4 week long