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Healing ADD Naturally

Healing ADD: Assessing and Working with Your ADD Type       Forgetting your wallet- again. Getting stuck scrolling endlessly on social media. Unable to get out

Using Vibration for Vagus Nerve Health

Using Vibration for Nervous System Healing      Our nervous system functions and communicates in frequencies. This can be understood on a strictly scientific level, as

Assessing and Improving Vagal Tone

Friends! I’ve been doing nervous system healing work for years and this ASTOUNDED me. What if you could assess and improve the function of your

Healing Brain Inflammation

Brain Inflammation: The Underlying Cause of Cognitive and Neurological Dysfunction      Have you ever felt like your brain wasn’t working? While many of these symptoms

Are Psychiatric Medications the Answer?

Are Psychiatric Medications the Answer to Mental Health? By Jen Donovan      If we assume that we need a medication to fix mental illness, we