Mood and Movement with Mike

Work with our resident personal trainer, neuromeditation coach, mood and movement specialist

Your brain and body are completely linked!

Your brain requires optimal nutrients and energy production to function properly

Neurological, mental, cognitive, and metabolic issues START in the gut and even the cell! The Rebuild Yourself method helps you start your recovery with the foundations of whole body health. 

Mike has been a personal trainer since 2011 and a certified Neuromeditation coach since 2021. After recovering from his own battle with depression and other mental health issues he has developed a wide range of specialties that include mood issues, cognition and brain health, chronic fatigue, functional fitness and more. Mike has been trained extensively in the Rebuild Yourself protocols, and has dedicated his career to helping others find their energy, clarity, joy, and quality of life again. 

Mood related problems Mike is trained to address include:
-Depression and low mood
-ADHD, difficulty focusing, brain fog, cognitive issues
-Fatigue and low motivation
-Men’s issues, testosterone, hormone health
-Anger and irritability
-Movement for people with specialized needs in terms of neurological and physical ability


Mike uses a holistic approach including movement, meditation, nutrition and daily routines individually curated for each client’s needs.

What does coaching with Mike look like?

Mike will work to create a holistic nutrition and lifestyle protocol that will work for your specific needs and lifestyle. He is aware of issues related to fatigue, sensory sensitivities, low motivation, depressive symptoms, as well as how the brain, gut, metabolism and nervous system all work together to create complex symptoms. Mike will help you understand the ROOTS of your health problems with compassion and clarity.