Calendar Links for One on One Assessments and Follow Ups with Our Coaches

-If you need a consultation for trouble shooting and individualizing the protocols in Immune Resilience, please book a consult with Sally, Melanie or Suzanne.

-If you would like additional support for meditation/brain exercising and our nervous system tools curriculum, please book with Mike.

-If you would like to work 1:1 with Jen, please start with an initial 120 minute assessment.

-If you have purchased an Immune Resilience package that includes 1:1, please contact your coach directly for the link to book these sessions.

Book with Jen

Gut Brain Axis Specialist. Certified Trauma Releasing Exercises Provider. Certified GAPS Practitioner. Nervous system health and trauma recovery.

Book with Melanie

Mast cell & histamine specialist. Nervous system & mindset. Certified Health Coach.

Book with Suzanne

Child and family specialty. Digestion, nervous system, hormones, immune system. Registered Nurse. Patient advocacy in school and healthcare

Book with Sally

Ancestral diet specialist. Cooking and food preparation. Digestion and gut health. Mindset and spiritual development. Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Book with Mike

Movement and meditation specialist. Mental health awareness. Neuromeditation Instructor Level 2.