Whole body healing with Jen

 The shocking truth about chronic illness is that despite what you have been told, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.

 Your immune system and nervous system are responding appropriately to extreme stressors, and this is causing chronic inflammation in your gut-brain axis. The symptoms you are experiencing are side effects of your body desperately working to keep you alive in the face of extreme circumstances.

 People with chronic illnesses have microbiome imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, sleep disruptions, alignment issues, and a chronically activated nervous system. All of these can all be corrected through daily practices.

 As a mental health counselor and nutritional therapy practitioner that specializes in rebuilding the gut-brain connection, I have found that addressing chronic illness is actually very straight forward. I have a practical, no nonsense approach that will take you on a clear path to your goals.

My wide range of credentials provides me a unique insight into addressing the ENTIRE Gut-Brain Axis from every angle.

Did you know that your immune system and brain are naturally healing all the time?

YES, we are made to spontaneously repair and detoxify our tissues. We would not have survived as a species without these innate abilities.

If you are struggling with chronic mental or physical illness, it means there are factors ACTIVELY BLOCKING your body from healing.

What your body needs are RESOURCES and SUPPORTS, so that it can release these obstacles and do what it already does naturally: HEAL.

THE HEALING IS ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU. We just need to remove the obstacles.

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The REBUILD YOURSELF method is designed to help people address the overlooked foundations of their health so they can reach their full potential!

Whether it is through my book, pre recorded courses, intensive coaching programs or one on one with my trained clinicians, know that recovery is always possible for you!

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Recovery from chronic illness is possible. My work addresses the TRUE root causes of your symptoms. There are paths to health, and those paths lie in the day to day routines you implement with discipline and compassion every single day.

What Jen Offers

Heal your body from the inside out.

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Rebuild Yourself: Whole body practices to heal your brain and nervous system. Learn Six Support Protocols designed to optimize the healing of your mind and body and reverse brain fog, fatigue, pain and other neurological issues, allergies and immune system problems, anxiety, depression, mood swings and other psychiatric symptoms... and more!

Online Courses

Rebuild Your Histamine Response: For people struggling with symptoms of histamine intolerance and mast cell activation. This pre-recorded course takes you through Six Support Protocols designed to rebuild your immune system and nervous from the root up. This will first stabilize your symptoms and then actually reverse the underlying root causes of the conditions.

Coaching intensives

Six month, small group programs to take your health to the next level. For those ready to totally transform. Opt in to my mailing list to get updates for our next offerings.


Rebuild Yourself swag... T-shirts with INSPIRING sayings, PLUS water bottles and glasses with handy electrolyte recipes!

My Healing Story

I went from bedridden to traveling the country, working full time with clients to reverse chronic illness. Learn about my journey rebuilding myself completely after my diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Dysautonomia.