Histamines and Mast Cells

You can rebuild your histamine response and find immune resilience again!

Through my own healing, I learned that there is no magic pill.

You cannot override the messages your body is sending you.

Your histamine symptoms are side effects from an OVERWHELMED immune system that needs your support.


Food intolerances, chronic allergies, systemic inflammation, mast cell activation.

These issues may be more and more common, but they are not normal! This mini course is designed to help you rebuild your gut so that you can safely and confidently re engage with life and a diversity of healthy foods! Click the button or graphic below to learn more:


Not enough for you?

For many people, healing your histamine response is full MIND BODY process. If you know you need a comprehensive protocol that takes nervous system regulation, detoxification, alignment, and mindset into account, PLUS includes a detailed 17 STEP nutrition protocol that will answer all your burning questions, you may want my full Rebuild Your Histamine Response master class. Click on the graphic below to learn more:

Intensive transformation requires intensive coaching.

For those ready to take a powerful step to change their lives forever, Immune Resilience is my signature program for people with mast cell activation, histamine intolerance, chronic allergies, and extreme sensitivites. It is the best way to get direct access to working with me closely. New openings for this program are announced regularly on my mailing list- make sure you are signed up to receive updates.

Understanding the Gut-Brain Axis

All of the issues we work with are done primarily through intervening in the health of the Gut-Brain Axis through an all encompassing, multi-faceted approach that takes the WHOLE BODY into account.

Our gut and brain and intimately connected through our daily sensory experiences, the nutrient levels in our body, the balance (or imbalance) in our microbiome, and the chemical messages sent all throughout our nervous system from the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. If we REBUILD the Gut-Brain Axis, we rebuild ourselves!

Histamine and mast cell activation, dysautonomia, neurological symptoms, mood disorders, digestive issues, autoimmunity, and more can ALL be addressed simultaneously through this method.