Suzanne Balestino Family Program

Work with our resident registered nurse and pregnancy, child and family specialist

Families do best when they heal together.


Digestive, mental, autoimmune, and neurological health issues START in childhood! The earlier we start the REBUILDING process, the more you set your child up for a happy and fulfilling life. 

Suzanne is a Registered Nurse and has worked in the healthcare industry since 2000 with a wide range of specialties that include pediatrics, OB/GYN, school nursing, home healthcare, and patient advocacy. After her own daughter was able to recover from severe digestive and neurological issues using the Rebuild Yourself protocols, Suzanne was inspired to shift her career and help other families struggling to navigate the conventional health care world. 

Child related problems Suzanne is trained to address include:
-Healthy pregnancy
-Best practices for breast feeding and food introduction with gut and brain health in mind
-Childhood digestive issues such as colic, diarrhea, constipation, repetitive stomach aches, etc.
-Picky eating
-Oppositional defiance and tantrums
-Sensory sensitivities
-Learning and focus difficulties
-Anxiety and night terrors
-Frequent illnesses and infections
-Skin problems such as dryness, rashes, hives, and more.


What does coaching with Suzanne look like?

Suzanne will work to create a holistic nutrition and lifestyle protocol that will work for the whole family, while also individualizing it for specific needs when necessary. She is aware of issues related to picky eating, sensory sensitivities, oppositional defiance, child growth and development, as well as how the brain, gut, digestive system and nervous system all work together to create complex symptoms. Suzanne will help you understand the ROOTS of your children’s health problems with compassion and clarity.